• Creating a Source server

    Tags: Visual Studio, debugging

    Last week, I've had the pleasure of breaking away from the daily development routine and investigate something more exotic - implemeting symbols & source server for the development team. So why … more

  • iOS 6.1.2 caching issue

    Tags: iOS, Safari, iPhone

    Recently I had a great deal of pain with our mobile web application on iOS 6.1.2 (and higher), which seemed to be caching some content forever.

    As most of our customers own mobile devices we're … more

  • .NET app - debugging 100% CPU usage

    Tags: .NET, debugging, performance

    A couple of days ago I've found myself in the position of debugging one of my services that all of a sudden started using 100% CPU; this is pretty easy to do on my dev machine, but what if that … more

  • Debugging Orchard issues

    Tags: Orchard

    ... and not only

    While deploying Orchard to my shared hosting, due to a limited understanding of how the system works I was seeing some errors. In order to get to the bottom of the issue I had to … more

  • Deploying Orchard 1.6

    Tags: Orchard

    So, you've followed my initial post about why I went for Orchard and you've decided that it's worth a try - very well, here is a breakdown of the steps that I've followed to get things … more

  • Why Orchard CMS ?

    Tags: Orchard

    Initially I had it all in my mind - my first post should be about deploying Orchard to my shared hosting provider; I was so eager to write it that I've event taken notes during the  process so … more